Friday, January 23, 2015

After Their Kind: What Evolution Teaches Us About Abortion

The Genesis account of creation makes it clear that creatures of the sea and of the land and of the air produced "after their own kind." Whales made whales. Lions made lions Eagles made eagles. That's undeniably how the passage reads. 

Interestingly enough, creatures of the sea, land and air are still only producing after their own kind. We don't have any record - of the billions and billions of births - of a whale giving birth to a shark, a lion laying an egg containing a goat or an eagle birthing out a squid. I find that quite interesting. 

Of course, it would take millions and maybe billions of years for a species to change. I'm not trying to debunk evolution. I actually want to base my argument on the idea of evolution as a reason not to abort babies. 

We know that humans give birth to human beings after 9ish months of gestation. Is anyone debating that? We know that the fetus grows more and more functioning body parts as it grows inside the womb. We continue growing outside the womb and developing different essential elements to survival (immune system, intelligence, consciousness, language, etc). Our adaptation to living doesn't end until we die. It's quite fascinating all the work our bodies do. Amen? Oops. I meant praise science and chance!

None of this requires a degree in biology. This is all common knowledge to most people. We all observe this information as we go about our lives. I'm not bringing forth any groundbreaking research. I'm just operating on what everyone knows to be true. 

We know that sexual intercourse causes a woman to be pregnant. We've know this for some time. In fact, that ridiculously archaic book of Genesis even knew that. That's how basic this knowledge is! Even the Bible got it right! Everyone knows that having sexual intercourse is how babies are made. So anyone who has sexual intercourse does so knowing this action may result in a pregnancy. This is so elementary! Why am I even rehashing this basic information? 

Then the woman becomes pregnant! Duh! So at the moment the woman finds out she's pregnant she immediately understands that in roughly 9 months she'll have a really small human being to take care of with the man she had intercourse with. What is this? 6th grade? C'mon Tim! Quit explaining such simple information! I'm not an idiot! 

The mother and father understand that if they fail to take care of the child or harm the child, they'll be held criminally responsible. Even that stupid ole Bible told people to not hurt each other! Stupid Bible! We all agree it's wrong to hurt other human beings! This is a universal truth! Our government even affirms this truth! It's illegal to commit murder in the United States! 

So let's recap what we know:

  • Creatures reproduce after their own kind today
    • Sometimes after millions of years species evolve into a different, more complex species
  • A male and female human being have intercourse
    • Both are fully aware this is how a woman becomes pregnant
  • The woman becomes pregnant and knows that in 9 months she'll have a small human being
    • This human being will need care and attention from both parents to survive
  • Both parents know that harming the child is wrong
    • US laws prohibits the murder of other human beings
Since we know that 2 human beings had intercourse and it resulted in pregnancy and human pregnancy always results in the birth of a human and we also know that evolution doesn't happen in less than 9 months then we know with certainty that the creature that is within the womb of the mother is, from the time it is conceived, a human being. We are 100% certain that the creature inside a female human being's belly has to be one of its kind. 


We all agree with these facts. So now that we know that a human being is what is inside of a woman we then look at what abortion is. Abortion intentionally ends the life of the unwanted creature inside of a pregnant woman. That unwanted creature is, as we all already said, a human being. 

Abortion ends the life of human beings. 

Human beings are created in God's image. 

Abortion is wrong. 

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