This is what I believe. Most churches and ministries have affirmations of faith or a list of what they believe so we can know where they stand and if we should even bother getting involved with them. My desire is to make known what I believe so there’s little question as to where I stand. This should serve as protection both for you and for me. If I err or waver from what I believe, this will serve as something to keep me accountable: “Tim, you said you you believe  XYZ but what you just said runs contrary to that belief.” Then I can examine what i said and what I believe and see what the issue is. It is also handy for you in that you may have no desire to hear what I have to say once you read what I believe! I’m just trying to save you time.

Let me reinforce that this is what I personally believe. Though I think my beliefs are Biblical and logical, I understand that others disagree, and I also don’t think a genuine believer must affirm all the same things I do.  That line between essential and not is extremely hard to determine. I imagine my line is further to the right than most people’s.

Humanism--------------------------Sinner’s Prayer at age 5----------------------John the Baptist

I didn’t include Jesus on the chart because then it would not fit on the page and John the Baptist received very high praise from Jesus, so I figured he’d be a good contrast to a humanist.  

I affirm the 5 Solas and I affirm the 5 points of Calvinism. I affirm the triune Godhead. I affirm that Hell exists and I affirm everything the Bible says about Hell being the eternal dwelling place for those who refuse to believe. I affirm Heaven as the eternal dwelling place for God’s elect. For that matter I affirm everything the Bible says about Hell and Heaven, even the stuff I can’t comprehend.  I affirm that God created everything He said He created. I believe He did it in the exact amount of time He said it took. If you don’t think He did, take that up with Him.

I believe we’re all given spiritual gifts. I believe the miraculous sign gifts of prophecy (as defined by the Bible), tongues (as defined and illustrated in the Bible) and healing (as shown in the Bible) have ceased. That does not mean I believe God can’t perform a miracle whenever He wants. The closed canon of Scripture is sufficient to meet all of my spiritual needs as the content of the Bible helps sanctify me and empower me to live a life in the Spirit. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit helps me understand the Bible and an understanding of the Bible helps me discern the Spirit from flesh. We’re all given an equal measure of the Holy Spirit. We’re all given the Holy Bible. The Holy Spirit helps me learn from the Bible and the Bible helps me live like the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot help me understand the Bible if I don’t read the Bible. I cannot live like Christ if I’m not understanding how He lived. I cannot worship God fully if I have no idea who He is and who He is is detailed in the Bible that the Holy Spirit helps me understand. Got it?

I believe the church exists for the glorification of God. Because of that I believe we must use our spiritual gifts for the edification of the body. I believe that the church is the bride of Christ and we should seek to be pure and aligned with Christ. For that reason I believe church discipline is essential. I believe corporate worship is essential. I believe corporate worship should be organized and facilitate learning and spiritual growth. When a church hinders spiritual growth, it has committed a gross error. I believe tithing (American definition) or the offering up love gifts is essential. I believe that anything that builds up the body of Christ is essential. I believe all of this must be centered on Truth. The church has two ordinances: baptism and communion. Neither are necessary for salvation but are to be done in obedience and a heartfelt response to Christ. Baptism is for Believers. Believers are consciously repentant and capable of comprehending the need for their salvation. For that reason I obviously cannot advocate infant baptism.

I believe a local church should operate under the leadership of elders. ALL the elders must meet the criteria outlined in 1Timothy and Titus. The elders will be responsible for the day to day operations of the local church (building, ministries, budget). Deacons will exist to serve the body. Deacons must meet the criteria outlined in the New Testament. I believe a church should never take the criteria for elders and deacons lightly. Habitual sin and the teaching of false doctrine should never be tolerated among elders and deacons. Any moral failure or false teaching should permanently remove an elder from that position.


My dad: A man that loves God. A man that loves God’s word. A man that desperately wants Christians to know God in His totality.

My church: A God-fearing church that exalts Christ. A church that upholds Scripture. A church that is loving and willing to take risks (within the context of the Bible) to spread Truth and Grace. A church that is willing to admit mistakes and eager to correct them. Humble leadership steers my church.

Nick and Jon and Tim: 3 of my best friends that have shown me Christian behavior. 3 of my best friends that undoubtedly prayed for me when I was a bit younger. 3 men I trust.

My wife: The responsibility a man feels for his wife extends well beyond meeting her material needs. She loves me for some reason. Her love for me is a very real illustration of undeserved love and grace. She’s honest with me when speaking about me so she keeps me as humble as I can be.

John MacArthur: I am indebted in a great way to his ministry. He loves the Truth.

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